Tim Crown – Founder Of A Well Known Fortune 500 Company

Tim Crown — Finding Excitement In Failure With a Fortune 500 Founder

As founder and chairman of Insight Enterprises, Tim Crown has built a business that generates $7 billion in annual revenue and employs 7,000 people. And the Fortune 500 company is still growing. Last year, despite the havoc Covid-19, wrought on markets worldwide, Insight’s stocks tripled.

It’s been a 34-year-long journey for Tim at Insight’s helm, one with plenty of learnings. Among these? That anyone can achieve what he has, so long as they’re equipped with four critical tools in their belt: “In my opinion, everybody’s capable of almost anything with enough practice, dedication, persistence and time,” he says.

But being capable of almost anything doesn’t mean you’ll never fail. Over the years, having been a part of growing more than 100 startups, Tim has seen his share of failure, too. But it’s his attitude toward these failures that, he believes, has ultimately steered him toward his biggest successes. As an entrepreneur, probably the “single greatest thing you can learn,” in Tim’s mind, is not to confuse learning from the past with dwelling on it.

In this episode of The Anthony Sarandrea Show, Anthony and Tim talk about “expecting to be excited by failure,” as well as what it takes to be world-class at whatever you put your mind to.

What You’ll Learn:

● Why Tim doesn’t believe in balance
● Why, if working out isn’t a part of your regimen, you’re missing “that last 10-20% of what you could give the world.”
● Why you can’t excel in all areas of what Time calls the “Big Four” at once, and how he prioritizes
● And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“One of my theories is that if you haven’t pushed yourself to failure, you don’t know what you’re capable of. How could you? Whether it’s athletics, academics, business, or relationships, if you’re not living on the edge at least a little bit and saying, ‘Hey, I’m out of control, and I did fail,’ then how could you possibly know what you’re capable of?”
— Tim Crown

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