Dan Fleyshman – Youngest Founder Of A Publicly Traded Company

Dan Fleyshman – Breathing Life into Your Brand

Marketers curate their image to death. Their brands overflow with flashy cars, unrealistic promises, and purely superficial imagery. It’s tempting to follow their example – but how much more might you stand out if you based your branding, and your style of business in general, on awareness, transparency, and humanity?

Dan Fleyshman is a serial entrepreneur with multiple eight-figure companies to his name ranging from apparel to energy drinks and beyond, and he holds the distinction of being the youngest-ever founder of a publicly-traded company. Dan is also one of the founders of 100 Million Academy, as well as a legendary coach and philanthropist.

On this episode of The Anthony Sarandrea Show, Anthony and Dan dig into creating an honest and effective personal brand, the lasting, vital life changes that come when you turn your focus outward and onto helping people who need it, and what a strong, high-level mastermind can do for you personally and for the future of your business. Listen in for an interview that goes deeper than surface-level marketing to give you a refreshing and very necessary reality check.

What You’ll Learn:

● How to shift your mindset to remove embarrassment or insecurity about the un-pretty aspects of real-life (because even Michael Jordan has haters)
● What awoke in Dan when he visited India and saw the number of impoverished people there, and the one statistic that will change your worldview completely
● Why Dan started his programs on a completely free model, and how that model has translated into more nuanced membership layers
● And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“I create my brand so that people can pick and choose what they remember… so people when they go share my story, they say, “youngest founder of a public company,” or they say “Oh, he throws really fun events. He does a lot for charity.” I’m out there telling my story so that people don’t make assumptions and guesses about me.”
– Dan Fleyshman

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