Tye Dutcher – Paralympic Swimmer For Team USA

Tye Dutcher — Pursuing Purpose With a Paralympian

Life can change in an instant. Tye Dutcher, today a gold medal-winning swimmer and Paralympian, learned that at age 11.

After a lawnmower accident that resulted in him being airlifted to a medical center in Sacramento, California, Tye emerged four surgeries later without a right foot. But even then, as he was coming back into consciousness from his last surgery, he can remember telling his mom that “this happened for a reason.” And it wasn’t long after that he determined swimming could be that reason, or at least a part of it.

“When I first got my cast off of my leg after my surgeries and stuff and went to physical therapy, the best place to be at was the pool,” he recalls. “That’s where I felt the most freedom. I was just able to be weightless and nothing could really stop me there.”

In 2015, Tye proved he truly couldn’t be stopped in a pool when he was spotted by a former Paralympic coach. At the coach’s behest, a week after graduating high school he left for the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to prepare for the following year’s Rio Paralympics. Since then, he’s gone on to compete (and win medals) in the World Championships and Pan American Games, and currently he’s training for the Tokyo Paralympics later this year.

On this episode of The Anthony Sarandrea Show, Anthony and Tye talk about choosing positivity, the importance of surrounding yourself with people who motivate you, and the mentality that helps him win medals.

What You’ll Learn:

● How Tye went from relearning how to walk at 13 to becoming a professional athlete a few years later
● Why he loves Mondays and how he defines success
● The financial reality of life as an Olympian (and what the public often gets wrong about it)
● And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“It’s a choice. It’s a choice every day to wake up and choose a life filled with positivity and gratitude.. We have to choose that every morning. And also, like a big part of me, this is who I am. It’s just me. It’s my faith in Jesus. That’s what really brings me hope for each and every single day, because I’m living for him.”
— Tye Dutcher

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