Kevin “Antoine” Dodson – “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife”.

Kevin “Antoine” Dodson – The Life-Changing Moment of Becoming a Meme

What happens after you go viral? How does Internet stardom change your life, and what unfolds when the world is captivated by you?

Few people can answer these questions, and amongst that small number is Kevin “Antoine” Dodson of “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife”. Kevin turned into an overnight celebrity after his local news interview about the invasion of his family’s home became a meme via the accompanying auto-tuned hit “Bed Intruder Song” in 2010. His lasting icon status gained him widespread recognition and features in Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas and the BET Hip Hop Awards.

In this episode of The Anthony Sarandrea Show, Anthony and Kevin discuss how Kevin’s meme status brought him incredible opportunities over the last decade, the cut-throat nature of online fame today, and what it takes to catch international attention. Tune in to this fascinating episode for an inside look at an Internet superstar.

What You’ll Learn:

● How Internet culture has changed over the past 10 years with the increasing prevalence of viral videos.
● What Kevin experienced working with celebrities such as Flavor Flav and Ellen Degeneres.
● Why authenticity and a deep understanding of your own desires are vital in pursuing your dreams.
● And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“Show your talent ‘cause a lot of people say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, [and] I believe that to a certain extent. Because when you do not display your talent, it only lasts for so long. And if you’re being authentic and you showcase your real talent, that’s your gimmick, it’ll take you far.”
– Kevin “Antoine” Dodson

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